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32786 LOUGHEED HWY, Mission BC

(604) 826-7612

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The Gist : They describe Rocko's Diner as disappointed

  • 2364th visitor ★ Poor 1 out of 5 / Mobile review

    Rocko's Diner review on 2018-05-21 13:31:03

    My friends and I were really looking forward to going to Rockos since Riverdale is actively filming there. The layout inside was pretty cute and the food was nothing special. There was plenty wrong with the service offered there that made my friends and I SUPER disappointed. First when we walked in it, multiple waitresses walked by us without greeting us for a good 2 minutes. Even when they’re busy they should let us know they’ll be right with us. Secondly it took 15 minutes to get service once we were sat at the table, service which we ASKED for. Thirdly my boyfriend mentioned that he has a severe almond allergy and the waitress literally said okay should I mention it to the kitchen? Lol like no shit otherwise he wouldn’t be telling you. Major error from the waitress. And lastly after getting our food there was no quality check for the food, or acknowledgment that we were there at all. She didn’t let us know that we needed to go to the counter to get our bill as well. Incredibly disappointed with the shit experience and I don’t recommend this place at all. Maybe mission has lower standards for restaurant service than Vancouver but it shouldn’t have been that bad lol.

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